• Pravesh


    PRAVESH                    - 3 months

    PRATHAM SOPAN     – 6 months

    DWITYA SOPAN        - 9 months

    TRITYA SOPAN          - 9 months

    RAJYAPURASKAR      - 1 year (completion of 13 years)





    1. Have a brief information of the origin of Scouting.
    2. Scout Promise and Law.
    3. Scout Motto, Sign, Salute and Left hand shake.
    4. ” Maintain a diary at least for a month”
    5. Know the parts of Scout Uniform and how to wear it correctly.
    6. Know the composition and significance of the National Flag, The Bharat Scouts & Guides Flag and the World Scout Flag.
    7. Sing Correctly National Anthem, BS&G Prayer and BS&G Flag Song.
    8. Attend at least four Troop meetings.


    Founder of Scouting    :    Lord Robert Stephenson Smith Baden Powell

    Father’s Name        :    Prof. Herbert Jeorge Baden Powell

    Mother’s Name    :    Henrita Grace Smith

    Wife Name        :    Olave St. Clair Soames (Lady Baden Powell)

    Date of Birth        :    22nd Febrauary 1857 at London

    Date of Death        :    8th January 1941 at Ryen,Kenya

    BP’s Life

    1857        :    BP born on 22nd February at London.

    1869 to 1876    :    School Life of BP.

    1876 to 1884    :    Army Life in India.

    1884        :    He wrote and published his first book “Reconnaissance of Scouting”.

    1889        :    Seize of Mafeking war – 11/10/89 to 16/05/1900217 days

    1907        :    Experimental Camp at Brown Sea Island, 20 boys participated, implement Patrol System.

    1908        :    “Scouting for Boys” published.

    1909        :    First Scout Rally at Crystal Palace, London, and Girls joined.

    1911        :    Girl Guide Association Started.

    1912        :    BP married Miss. Olave St. Clair Soames (Lady BP).

    1929        :    BP elevated to peerage took title of “Lord Baden Powell of Gillwill”

    Scouting In India

    Pioneers of scouting in India

    1. Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya
    2. Pandit Hridaynath Kunzuru
    3. Pandit Shri ram Bajpai
    4. Dr. Annie Besant

    1921            :    Dr. Annie Besant was appointed as Hony. Commissioner for India and Awarded Silver Wolf.

    1921            :    Mahatma Gandhi Visited Wenlock Park on 4th September.

    1950            :    7th November emerged as Bharat Scouts and Guides.


    On my honour, I Promise that I will do my best:

    1. To do my duty to God and my country,
    2. To help other people and
    3. To obey the Scout Law.


    1. A Scout is Trustworthy.
    2. A Scout is Loyal.
    3. A Scout is a Friend to all and a Brother to every other Scout.
    4. A Scout is Courteous
    5. A Scout is a Friend to Animals and Loves nature.
    6. A Scout is Disciplined and helps protect public property.
    7. A Scout is Courageous.
    8. A Scout is Thrifty.
    9. A Scout is pure in Thought, Word and Deed.


    “Be Prepared

    Cub Motto     : Do Your Best

    Rover Motto    : Service


    The Sign is given at the time of Investiture Or

    At the time or renewal of Scout Promise.

    The three points of the Scout Badge and the three fingers of the Scout sign remind a Scout of the three parts of the Scout Promise.

    1.To do my duty to God and my country,

    2.To help other people and

    3.To obey the Scout Law.


    Salute is given by raising the right arm smartly to the level of the shoulder,

    Palm to the front with the three fingers stretched together, the first touching the

    Forehead one inch above the right eyebrow and the thumb closing on the little

    Finger and after that the arm, cutting to the front is quickly and smartly brought

    Down curling the fingers.

    “ONE”         – Raise the arm and salute.

    “TWO, THREE”     – Pause.

    “FOUR”         – Bring the arm down.


    WHEN Colonel BADEN-POWELL entered the capital city of the Ashanti people in 1896 he was met by one of the Chiefs who came to him holding out his left hand. B.-P. held out his right in return but the Chief said: “No, in my country the bravest of the brave shake with the left hand.” So began the “left handshake” of the world-wide brotherhood of Scouts.

    Once Lady B.P. explained that her husband adopted left hand shake on the basis of the following:

    Two tribes were fighting each other. One day when the two tribes came opposite to each other, the leader of one

    Tribe threw away the shield in his left hand and approached the other leader extending his left arm for

    Shaking hand. Thus he showed his friendship with a free extended left hand by not defending himself.

    Hence, extending the left arm means I am not your enemy; I am your friend.’



    1.    Shirt            - Steel Grey Color with two patch pockets with the shoulder straps.

    2.    Shorts or Trousers    - Navy Blue

    3.    Head-Dress        - Dark Blue Beret cap with official cap badge of BS&G.

    4.    Belt            - Grey Nylex belt with official buckle of BS&G.

    5.    Scarf            - A Triangular scarf of the Group Colour (70cms to 80cms).

    6.    Shoulder Badge    - 6 to 8 Cms.Name of the group in red letters, worn on both shoulders.

    7.    Shoulder Stripes    - 5cms long and 1.5cms wide. This patch shall be worn at the top of the left sleeve immediately below the shoulder badge.

    8.    Membership badge    - A badge with Green background and Fleur-de-lis in yellow superimposed by the Trefoil with Ashoka chakra, worn in left pocket.

    9.    Socks or Stockings    - Stockings with green garter tabs 1.5cms visible outside Stockings will be worn with shorts only.

    10.World Scout Badge    - It should be worn in the center of the right pocket of the shirt.

    11. Footwear        - Black shoes (leather or canvas) with laces may be worn.

    12. Over coat, Blazer or Jacket – Navy blue, may be worn in the winter season only.

    13. Metal Badge        - In Mufti, a metal badge of BS&G may be worn.

    14. Lanyard        - Grey Lanyard worn around the neck with a whistle in left pocket.

    15. Rope            - Knotting rope of 3 mtrs. Of standard size shall be worn in the uniform.

    16. A name stripe    - “The Bharat Scouts & Guides” shall be worn above the right pocket of the shirt.



    National Flag:

    Size         –     180 cms x 120 cms

    Ratio        -     3:2

    Saffron    -     Courage and Sacrifice

    White        -    Peace, Purity and Truth

    Bottle     -    Prosperity, Faith and Fertility

    Ashoka chakra in Navy Blue to indicate the Dharma Chakra, the wheel of law in the Sarnath Lion Capital

    Adopted on 22nd July 1947

    • The Scout stands at ‘Attention’ and salutes when the flag is unfurled and the National Anthem song is sung, then and there.
    • The Flag should not touch the ground at all and special attention should be paid
    • To this point while hoisting / lowering it.
    • It is never used for decoration or for ornamental purpose.
    • National Flag must be higher level than the BS&G Flag while hoisting both the flags.
    • The National Flag is the first to go up and the last to come down.

    Bharat Scouts and Guides Flag:

    Size             –     180 cms x 120 cms

    Ratio            -     3:2

    Emblem Size        -    45cms x 30 cms     ; ratio      –     3:2

    Background     -    Dark Blue

    Emblem        -    Yellow

    Ashoka Chakra    -    Blue

    3 Emblems in BS&G Flag

    Ashoka Chakra     -    Bharat (India)

    Fleur-de-lis         -    Scout Wing

    Tre-foil        -    Guide Wing

    World Scout Flag :

    Size         –     180 cms x 120 cms

    Ratio        -     3:2

    Back Ground    -    Royal Purple – The Basic preoccupation of the scout with relieving human pain and misery.

    Emblem        -    White Colour – Purity

    The World Scout Emblem shall consist of a field of royal purple bearing the white International Arrowhead Surrounded by a white rope in a circle and a central reaf knot at the bottom.

    Two Stars                :    2 five pointed stars represent the original 10 points of the Law.

    Three Tips of the Arrowhead    :    Three main points of the Scout Promise.

    Reaf Knot                :    The Unity of World Brotherhood throughout the movement.

    Needle                :    ”It shows the true way to go”


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